Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New blog

Sadly, I did not even make it to 100 posts on this address.  I feel like I'm abandoning my first born, but we must move on.

Check us out in our new home, Cornbread and Kugel.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm lazy

Sorry... I think we all know this, but I'm admitting it. I just haven't felt like posting on my blog lately. It has been hanging over my head because I have a million pictures and stories to share. I just haven't felt like doing it.

So, I lay here waiting for Hannah to wake up and figure I'll get some pictures up. There are more to come later... we had family pictures taken a few weeks ago (header picture is from that), but I haven't picked out which one will be our holiday card so you'll have to wait for those!

These are all from October. Hannah is hilarious, sweet, mischievous, brilliant, adorable, sassy, prissy, and my favorite person in the world!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture pages

Here are some pictures from the last several weeks. They are in reverse chronological order because I always forget that Blogger uploads them that way. Anyone know how to change that?

Jason took this one the other night after Hannah and I fell asleep. She is a bed hog! (please ignore the messiness on my night stand!)
Hannah and Ellie. You should hear how excited Hannah gets when she says Ellie's name. I think they are BFF's.

Hannah coloring a picture to be hung in the Sukkah.

This was one of the houses on the river. They have their own helicopter?!

Pre-boarding... Jason, Katie, Bryan and I went on a Riverboat cruise to the stadium before the Auburn/Tennessee game. Notice that Katie and I are not wearing any shade of orange!

I believe she was mid-sentence when I snapped this one. She was telling me about the acorns she found.
I did not pose this picture. She is just that cute.
Playing in the front yard. This was one of the cool days we had a few weeks ago so Hannah got to try out her new Ugg's.
Doing laundry.
Playing with Bupert.

Naptime. She usually doesn't want anything to do with her stuffed animals, but this day she demanded to have patches in the bed with her. Notice there are two ne-ne's (one under her and one in the top right). Patches had to have a ne-ne, too.
This is Hannah's favorite part at gymnastics. They have a trampoline runway that ends up at the pit. She is supposed to hop all the way down and jump into the pit at the end, but she just runs to one end and turns around and runs back!
Doing a roll... this one was assisted, but she can do them on her own, and does... everywhere, regardless of the surface or what she may bump into.
Doing the butterfly at 'nacstics
Crying because we had to leave the fishies.

Our little monkey!
Practicing her "nacks-tics" (gymnastics). This is "stick it."

Hanging with Daddy.
We went on a walk to see the fishies. There are some trails right by our house that have two small fish ponds.

Posing in front of the fishies. I was trying to teach her to put her hands on her hips. (check out the mullet! We got it trimmed the next day!)

Hannah got a new pair of shoes... they are $1 store heels, but she loves walking around in them!

After playing in the rain with Daddy, Hannah got an "e-sicle"